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Analysis of Government Data

The C'est Vrai app was developed as a tool to serve as a check on power. C'est Vrai is a a Django Web application built upon a MySQL database. C'est Vrai, which is French for "It's True," was conceived by the activist Louis Flores to promote Government transparency and fact-based reporting. A tool like C'est Vrai makes it possible for an investigative journalism platform to reject access journalism by being able to find and show patterns in how individuals attempt to corruptly influence Government. C'est Vrai will serve as the backbone for Progress New York. In 2022, C'est Vrai will become available for subscription.

The Problem We Seek To Address

Throughout New York State, the Government does not respect transparency laws, neither the letter of the law, nor its spirit. As a result, Government operates in manners that create a culture that produces almost non-stop corruption scandals. These violations of the law costs the Government the faith, trust, and participation of citizens. At election times, low voter participation rates are recorded. This culture also creates the impression that State and Local Governments are not accountable. The further development of C'est Vrai and the planned expansion of Progress New York will address issues of Government transparency and accountability.

How It Works

With C’est Vrai, it will take a few clicks to collect fact­based and sourced information about relationships between two individuals or entities, thereby helping journalists write and edit articles about the role of money in politics. Reports published with the assistance of C’est Vrai have have attracted significant attention from “important eyeballs,” such as officials with the New York City Department of Investigation, the New York City Campaign Finance Board, the New York State Attorney General’s Office, the U.S. Department of Justice, and other law enforcement agencies. In addition to C’est Vrai, Progress New York will make use of other computer-assisted reporting tools. Automation will enable Progress New York to achieve economies of scale.

What We Need

Progress New York needs to raise $3 million to fund operations for three years. Currently there are 500,000 relationship entries in C’est Vrai’s database. With proper funding, C’est Vrai can be expanded to have in excess of 20 million records. It is conceivable that C’est Vrai can rival much costlier big data research products.

Progress New York is currently sponsored by Progress Queens, Inc., publisher of the predecessor site, Progress Queens. Progress New York would like to operate as a worker-owned coöperative.


For more information, please contact Louis at : contact [at] progressnewyork [dot] news or (929) 284-8323 on Signal.